Gothic Fashion Post #2: Men’s Fashion

Unfortunately, we were not able upload the Weekly Fashion Post last week because we got swamped creating and editing content for the website, podcast, and youtube channel. However, we have some really great content coming. You can expect to see a new video this week as well as as a new podcast episode along with othe goodies. We are making it a personal mission to make October as products give and entertaining for ourselves and our audience alike.

In any event, this is the second installment in our Weekly Fashion blog. Again, instead of picking a very specific theme we decided to keep a broader spectrum of content this week. Our fashion post this week focuses simply on men’s gothic fashion. Obviously, there are many facets to men’s gothic fashion. Consequently, there was a lot of content to choose from when selecting photos. We chose pictures which we felt captured the essence of gothic fashion and also appealed to variety of tastes and styles. We also couldn’t resist including “The One and Only Brand on Lee as Eric Draven.” We felt it was important to do a post on men’s fashion not only because our last post featured women exclusively, but also because we felt that women are so often the focus of gothic fashion posts. We hope you enjoy this week’s Fashion Post as there will be more to come. And we promise they will be on time.

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