Fashion Post 4: Vampire Goths

This fashion post is a timely one (as Halloween approaches) and is centered around vampire goths- both their fashion and relevance to the subculture. Largely due do to the band Bauhaus and their single, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, gothic culture is often associated with vampires- both their image and their folklore. Of course, many other bands and even cinema has helped contribute to this association. Cinema often depicts vampires as pale and gastly figures who prefer dark clothing. Naturally, one could see the possible similarities. As such, many goths identify with the image of vampires and their fashion. Thus, we decided to choose some images which capture the image of vampires but also give people of the gothic subculture some fashionable ideas for makeup and clothing whether they want to commit to the vampire image, feel like experimenting with their look, or simply want a fun costume idea.

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