Fashion Post 8: Trad Goth

We have been touching on the subdivisions within gothic fashion and subculture in our fashion posts, but we have yet to touch on where it all started. Consequently, we decided to focus on trad goth fashion for this particular post. For those who may not know(though we’re sure most of you do), trad goth is shorthand for traditional goth. Before there were any subdivisions of gothic fashion and culture there was just goth. There wasn’t deathrock nor were there rivetheads- there was just goth. Depending on who you ask, you might even be told that everything was just post punk as many of these labels came later (although we don’t necessarily agree). This week we just wanted to take it back to where it all started and choose images which we felt represented the fashion of the trad goth as a predecessor to all things gothic. We hope you enjoy these images and this article as there will be many more to come. Stay spooky!

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