Fashion Post 11: Gothabilly


This week’s post is centered around Gothabilly and its fashion. Gothabilly is the marriage of psychobilly and gothic music, havings roots in rockabilly, horror punk, and post punk. Gothabilly blends the rhythmn and chord changes of rockabilly while maintaining sombre lyrics and image. Key differences between psychobilly and gothabilly are usually slower tempos and baritone vocals. The genre is perhaps most famously personified by The Cramps and can also be traced to earlier bands such as The Gun Club. Today gothabilly is driven by bands like The Horror Pops. Gothabilly fashion embraces elements of campy vintage horror films, rockabilly styled clothing, and a somber goth color palette. Women’s gothabilly hair often involves betty bangs, victory curls and pompadours the fashion style typically includes pinup makeup, pencil skirts and high heals all in mono chrome color schemes. Men’s Gothabilly fashion often features black western shirts, slicked-back pops with faded sides, black creepers, and may include horror themed makeup. These are some images which we feel capture the style and image of gothabilly and it’s fashion.

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