Fashion Post 13: Southern Goth

This week’s post is centered around Southern Goth Fashion. Taking inspiration from Southern Gothic Fiction and writers like William Faulkner, Southern Goth Fashion blends elements of Victorian, Romantic,and Naturalist styles into its fashion. One could almost imagine the Southern Gothic Wardrobe to be fashion’s homage to a movie adaptation of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying… but with a little more black. The fashion maintains Goth’s spirit and aesthetic with monochrome color schemes, while also placing an emphasis on more simplistic and naturalist ideas. Where Victorian Goths might wear a lace dress with detailed and intricate patterns, a Southern Goth might bear simply a silk white nightgown set against dark hair. Yet, being influenced also by Romantic and Victorian Fashion, Southern Goths certainly have their own share of frills and detail. Photography inspired by these looks often plays into the settings described in Southern Gothic Fiction by using rural landscapes and worn-down Victorian houses. Today, elements of the fashion can be seen in modern television shows. HBO’s True Blood and American Horror Story’s Coven series incorporated elements of Southern Goth Fashion into its costume design. Today’s evolved look of the fashion features big black hats, witchy aesthetics, off white and ashy black colors, shadowy makeup, vintage buttons, and plenty of lace.

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