Fashion Post 15: Goth Lolita

This week we are focusing on the cute and spooky style of Goth Lolita. Goth Lolita is a sub genre of classic Lolita and started in the 1990s in Harijuku. Like classic Lolita, Goth Lolita inspires a feeling of innocence and youthful beauty. A classic Goth Lolita outfit typically includes a round jump skirt, a petticoat, platform Mary Janes, and black tights or knee high socks. Extra accents include small hats, bows, ruffles, lace trimming, and possibly a small umbrella. The clothing tends to be a traditional goth black appearance. However, unlike traditional American Goth makeup (white powder, dark eyes) Lolita Goths stick to a more natural and minimal approach. They prefer to use lighter eye shadows, natural skin tones, and subtle lipstick. Lolita Goth sometimes can be considered threatening in appearance then other more traditional Goth styles. The idea is elegance, poise, beauty, and innocence.

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