Fashion Post 16: Medieval Goth

This weeks fashion post is centered around the elegant style of Medieval Goth. Medieval Goth is a lot like classic Medieval fashion, but an important difference being a darker color scheme, mostly because Medieval fashion, art, and literature is already Gothic enough to began with. The modern style has been adapted from the Renaissance fashion found in vintage paintings and art. During the 5-15th century, European Sumptuary laws required citizens to dress according to your class. While the lower class wore peasant clothing and often walked barefoot, the upper class wore multiple layers of lavish garments made of velvets, silk, and satin material. The more lavish the clothing, the more wealthy you were. Medieval Gothic fashion is pulled for the upper class Royal figures in History. One noteable difference in today’s Medieval Goth fashion builds on these trends by including Gothic hair styles and dark smokey makeup.

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