Fashion Post 17: Modern Goth

Gothic fashion has taken many forms over the years, and this week we will be taking a look on the most current style, otherwise known as Modern Goth. With all of the power of sharing information, access to dark clothing, and Oufit Of The Day fashion bloggers bringing you daily inspiration, Goth Fashion is evolving faster then ever! So what does Modern Goth look like? Well, it looks a lot like Traditional Goth, with Current fashion trends mixed in. Modern Goth still uses a lot of the classic content such as dark color schemes, velvet and lace fabrics, black lipstick, and big Crosses or Ankh jewelry. For example, a Traditional 80’s or 90’s Goth might wear a long black velvet dress, a corset, body fishnets, Pinkle Wicker boots, dramatic eye makeup, heavily countered cheeks, and blood red lipstick. But a Modern Goth might wear a high wasted velvet skirt, a black crop top, platform ankle boots, leg fishnets, simple cat eye makeup, light contour, and purple lipstick. Modern Goths often have a variety in hair colors, bright tattoos, and facial piercings, all which were more difficult to come by in the 80’s and 90’s. So weather Modern Goth speaks to your spooky side or makes you cringe, we hope you enjoy the pictures below!


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