Fashion Post 18: Fetish Clothing

Gothic fashion has incurred many evolutions and adaptations over the years. Some were inspired by music trends and others by aesthetics. One major evolution in the fashion of gothic subculture has been the incorporation of fetish clothing. Goth’s fashion roots can be traced to post-punk experimentation. Much like the sound of gothic music grew out of experimentation and evolution in the wake of punk, so did it’s fashion staples evolve and grow in a similar fashion. When goth fashion was in its origins, it’s most defining feature was it’s ability to constantly evolve and incorporate various fashion designs and trends into its dark ensemble. One particular type of clothing which was often worked into traditional goth clothing was fetish wear. Whether it was pvc clothing, collars, chains, whips, boots, or leashes, fetish items often found their way into goth fashion. In fact, it has also played a role in sometimes linking goth and industrial fashion styles as the fashion of the industrial music scene would also embrace the use of fetish and bondage clothing. Today, these items have remained a staple of the fashion and many goth outfits include some for of fetish or bondage articles. Furthermore, the style has become so popular that many outfits are often constructed mostly or even entirely of fetish clothing. Thus, some would argue that it has become it’s own subgroup of gothic fashion. However, we will let you be the judges of that. Nevertheless, we decided it was important to pay tribute to such an influential part of goth fashion. Thus, we have selected what we feel are some images which greatly capture the aesthetic and style of fetish clothing in goth fashion. We hope you enjoy this post and check out all of our other content. Stay Spooky!

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