Fashion Post 19: Gothic Shoes

As we have already touched on many specific subdivisions of gothic style and fashion, we thought it would be both fun and interesting to take a different approach to our fashion post this week. Instead of focusing on a specific sector of goth fashion, we have decided to touch on items/articles of clothing which can be used to accent various outfits and styles. In particular, this week’s images are of different gothic footwear. There are many options when it comes to picking shoes to match your goth clothing. For many, creepers have become a staple of goth fashion while others prefer boots like winklepickers to compliment their tastes. Some shoes have even become associated with specific types of goth fashion; however, we believe one of the key features of goth culture is its creativity and uniqueness. There are many ways to experiment with gothic fashion and develop a style of your own. By showing some shoes and boots which we feel capture the essence of the goth aesthetic, we hope that we might inspire some people’s fashion choices or provide a wardrobe idea that one might not have found otherwise. We hope you enjoy these images and check out all of our other fashion posts. Stay spooky!

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