GothCast Episode 35: Alien Sex Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend are an iconic band of both the Deathrock and Batcave scene with a dedicated following. Thus, we felt it was important for us to open a discussion about this band. This week we discuss their emergence from the the Batcave and the release of their first four albums as well as their relevance to Goth and Deathrock subculture. We hope you enjoy this episode (as it may a controversial one) and all of our other content. As always, stay spooky!


4 thoughts on “GothCast Episode 35: Alien Sex Fiend”

  1. Ahhh guys…! Not digging the Fiend..? Why..? Oh why..!? Just kidding; personally I don’t listen to you because I’m interested in the technical stuff or because I need to hear someone share the love on some of my favorite bands from when I was a kid. I listen for everything else ~ I like to hear people having fun; and you guys seem to be. In a way I think that’s what Sex Fiend were all about; just having fun. I don’t think they ever took themselves that seriously that they worried about the mixing, or what scene they belonged to. I’m not sure what the death rock thing is all about either; I picked up my first album of ASF (Another Planet) with Skinny Puppy’s Remission & Bites (industrial). They probably just weren’t serious enough to be industrial, industrial wasn’t ever meant to be about anyone just having a good time. At least I don’t think it was. Maybe it would have been an idea to not stick to reviewing the music for them in this show but to explore relationships between music and image, theatrics / media / art etc.; how that stuff plays into how music gets categorized?


    1. We know many people don’t share our opinion on Alien Sex Fiend; we just try to be honest when giving reviews. We can be guilty of being a bit technical in the reviews, but we both have backgrounds in music production so its hard not to geek out about mixing because it definitely plays a role in the way we enjoy an album. You certainly raise a valid point. We certainly don’t disagree, unfortunately there isn’t really that much that has been written on the Alien Sex Fiend. Obviously, they, along with other Batcave staples, had a huge impact on the image of the subculture, but that would have led a discussion on The Batcave (which we plan on doing a separate episode on and discussing ASF, Specimen, and many other contributors to the scene.) Unfortunately, we need more time to aggregate information to do a full episode on The Batcave as there is little published information about it as well. Thanks for listening! We love hearing from fans even when they don’t agree with us. Hell, that half the point- just to open a discussion.

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