About Me

This is GothCast, hosted by Dr. Sanders [that’s me]. My goal is to provide an entertaining and informative perspective into gothic music and it’s culture. I do this by making weird videos and podcasts that often turn into tangents about halfway through.

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  • email me at: gothcastradio@gmail.com

Donny “Doktor” Sanders (GothCast host and writer):

He’s obsessed with Vincent Price and Universal Horror Monster Movies. This passion is matched only by his dislike of the sun.





6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just found your videos last night after watching a goth what’s in my purse video and now I’m hooked. I my self am not goth but I love the culture and it’s so nice to get perspective on so many topics. much love 💘

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  2. You guys are just so great to listen to! Just listened to your podcast on Depeche Mode, and was so surprised on how you guys felt about their work.
    Most people love to just either dismiss their earlier work, or praise it. You guys objectively reviewed DMs debut album “Speak and Spell” and I agreed this album had its plusses and minuses. As a DM fan, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessments. As well as the other two albums. I enjoyed listening to your camaraderie. I especially love Dr Sanders and his quirkiness.

    Love you guys.



  3. Hands down my favourite podcast 💜🥀 super informative and entertaining. I especially love the diversity of subjects, from film to music to Random Interesting Goth Stuff aka RIGS!! I hope it doesn’t end. Post in the afterlife if you can, thanksss!


  4. I’m a huge fan of your youtube channel and podcast and have watched your videos many times. I really enjoyed your video where you showed everyone your Tim burton dvds and blurays collection. Maybe sometime soon you can show everyone on youtube your Disney dvds and blurays collection. I would enjoy watching that.


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A podcast and video perspective on the works of goth music and culture.

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