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This is GothCast, hosted by Dr. Sanders. Our goal is to provide an entertaining and informative perspective into gothic music and it’s culture.

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Donny “Doktor” Sanders (GothCast host and writer):

Dr.Sanders was first drawn to the darker side of life through his love of the band Type O Negative. He later fell in love with the macabre sound of gothic rock and has never looked back.

He’s also obsessed with Vincent Price and Universal Horror Monster Movies. This passion is matched only by his dislike of the sun which attests to his extremely pale look.



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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. “Trad goth”. I was a punk and then deathrocker in the 80’s. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the term “goth or gothic” until early 90’s. Not saying it wasn’t used, but I hadn’t heard it. We called ourselves “deathrock”. “Post Punk”. That term was used, but not by us velvet draped, white faced, pointy boot wearing deathrockers. I had a bf in high school who wore a leather and pointed docs. He called himself a “post punk”. The “deathrock” vs “goth” term is always debated. Just describing what I remember.


  2. You certainly make a valid point of discussion. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of these categorizations of post-punk music came a while after the music existed in an attempt to describe the vast differences between the many bands who fell under the post-punk label (for better or worse). Having been born in the early nineties, my cohost and I are certainly more used to having these terms applied to post-punk music and do our best to describe their meanings, cultural implications, and purposes. However, it is always something that is widely debated and varies depending on who you ask. Also, thank you for your comment! It is always great to hear what people have to say as we like to know what our audience thinks about our opinions and information.


  3. I just found your videos last night after watching a goth what’s in my purse video and now I’m hooked. I my self am not goth but I love the culture and it’s so nice to get perspective on so many topics. much love 💘


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