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Did you know that I also play music? I do in fact and here’s everything you could probably want to know about my band Dr.Sanders. Yes, I know that I often go by Dr.Sanders, but the full band is called Dr.Sanders in this case.

Donny – Guitar & Vocals
Cameron – Drums & Vocals
Jacob – Bass

Dr.Sanders is a band in Washington State and we create aggressive alternative music that often feature surreal lyrics. While there was technically previous albums (Albinism & Blush Response) released under the name Dr.Sanders, the name wasn’t really used to represent an actual band. With Blush Response it was album put together by me (Donny) and my friends over an extended period of time and many of those songs have never been performed live. It wasn’t really designed to be anything more than an album which is why it has such a unique sound with a heavy emphasis on keyboards.

Several years after Blush Response I really wanted to get back into music, but only if I could do it with an actual band. After a few attempts with different lineups that didn’t yield any results, I decided to push forward with the recording of new album entitled Patch Overlap. It was done in collaboration with Chase Hawkins on drums and Robert Gaar on bass. Due to the distance of the recording members it was decided to form a stable lineup for all future releases.

Luckily I met Cameron (Drums & Vocals) and Jacob (Bass & Vocals) over 2020 and everything fell into place. We’ve recently released the album Distant Apparition which ended up much heavier than Patch Overlap. We recorded a majority of it live with very minimal overdubs. The songs came together by getting in the room and just playing with a focus on arrangements and lyrics after we had a decent amount of material to work with.

We focus on combining all of our strengths into our material. Retrospectively I feel that the music I’m involved in has become maybe slightly more aggressive at times, but I often view it as a more clear representation of who I am as a person along with those I collaborate with.

New music and things like videos, merchandise, and anything else you can want is always in the works. You can listen to all of our albums on Spotify, Soundcloud, or pretty much anywhere else you can think of and all of our releases are on our Bandcamp along with our band merchandise.

Distant Apparition [2022]

1. Mocking Time
2. Immortal Lakes
3. Feed
4. Glass
5. Pink Milk
6. NecRomance
7. Plexi
8. DB Cooper
9. Myst
10. Nox

Patch Overlap [2020]

1. Carlot Salesman
2. Flamingo
3. Blue Anatomy
4. Feldspar
5. Invader
6. Cerulean
7. Grey Matter Trial [Music Video]
8. Mortal Lakes [Music Video]
9. The Hunger
10. Azul [Music Video]

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