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Phantasmagoria Review [video]

In this video, Dr Sanders takes a look at The Damned’s masterpiece, Phantasmagoria. I know, we do gush about this album quite a bit, but it’s justified. Disagree? Watch the video and find out why you’re wrong. Agree? Watch the video and do some gushing with us. On a more serious note, we do hope you enjoy the video and all of our other content. As always, stay spooky!

GothCast Episode 9: The Damned

We know what you’re thinking… “the punk band?” Yes. “The Punk Band.” Actually, if you’re more familiar with this band you might not be thinking that because The Damned actually released some very popular gothic material in the eighties. Not only was it popular, but it was strong work which showed their ability to tackle a variety of styles and sounds with skill. In particular, their album, Phantasmagoria, is a work of art. So yes, we are talking about The Damned this week and we are proud to be doing so. In particular, we will be discussing their work from The Black Album to Anything (which spans their goth years). We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do be sure to subscribe to the podcast to keep up with our weekly episodes. Stay Spooky!

the damned