Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses Review [Video]


What a great album! I have wanted to cover a Type O Negative album for a looonnngg time, but it is very difficult to objectively review albums from your favorite band. I actually learned a few new things while doing research. One thing I din’t mention in this video is the Bloody Kisses demos. The demo for We Hate Everyone is AMAZING! I actually like it more than the album version.

GothCast Episode 25: Type O Negative Part 2



This is unfortunately our final episode on Dr.Sanders’ favorite band, Type O Negative. We’re covering every album from World Coming to Dead Again and a few other releases from them. Type O Negative’s output during this time drew upon everything from family relationships, religion, and even a song written about Steele’s Playgirl spread. It was quite an interesting time and we had a lot of fun discussing it. The most tragic part of the entire situation is that there are no more albums for us to talk about.


Fashion Post 9: Gothic Metal


Taking a little inspiration from our podcast episode on Type O Negative, we decided to dedicate this week’s fashion post to gothic metal. Having primarily developed in the early ninetees, gothic metal blends elements of gothic rock, doom metal, and death metal. The genre often features dark, romantic, and melodramatic lyrics. The genre was pioneered by bands like Type O Negative, Moonspell, Theater of Tragedy, and Theatres des Vampires. The fashion of gothic metal often blends the look of medieval or romantic fashions with that of heavy metal. One might use a victorian shirt with leather pants- Peter Steele is a good example. Furthermore, gothic metal is often much more aggressive in its fashion trends, employing heavy use of leather and spikes. Bulletbelts do make the occasional apperamce. In general, it’s fashion seems far less oriented towards androgeny than traditional gothic fashion. Below are some images which we felt captured the image and essence of gothic metal and its fashion.