GothCast Episode 2: The Sisters of Mercy


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It’s time to talk about the always controversial Sisters Of Mercy. We discuss each of their studio releases from First and Last and Always to Vision Thing and even their compilations albums from the nineties. The Sisters are a band hard to disassociate from front-man Andrew Eldritch and the discussion does delve into his infamous decisions throughout the band’s career. We hope you enjoy this at times very heated discussion.

3:15 First And Last And Always
20:58 News Segment
27:11 Floodland
43:21 Vision Thing
53:52 Some Girls Wander By Mistake
55:12 A Slight Case Of Overbombing

2 thoughts on “GothCast Episode 2: The Sisters of Mercy”

  1. This was a great episode. I had no idea that Eldritch had nothing to do with writing the music on First and Last and Always. I liked how you guys described the differences between each album (of the two good ones) and why each you like each. I think I have to agree with Dr. Sanders — for me, it’s the guitars that make it — especially the 12-string.

    It’s not an entirely respectful article, but I enjoyed this article — you guys might too:–201430


    1. We will definitely check out the article. We are happy to hear you liked the episode. The Dr and I have certainly had many debates about those albums. They are both great and First and Last and Always has certainly grown on me since we started doing the podcaast, but I think I will always be a floodland guy. But, I certainly won’t discredit the great work on their firstnalbum. They are a very interesting band with a rich history and I am glad we took opposite stances on that episode. In any event, we are glad to have brought some new information to the table and it’s just nice to hear from listeners. Your comments are always appreciayed. On a side-note, Dr. Sanders is in very good spirits because he just scored an original copy of First and last and always. I’m very jealous, but I’ll never let him know. I need to defend my floodland stance haha. Cheers!


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