GothCast Episode 23: Joy Division

That’s right! The time has come for a long overdue discussion about Joy Division. While not a gothic band, (their genre lies mostly in post-punk) there is no denying the influence the group had on the emerging goth music scene. We’re probably all familiar with the album Unknown Pleasures, but maybe this episode will shed some light on the other releases that came out before and after that seminal album.

Joy Division Photo

3 thoughts on “GothCast Episode 23: Joy Division”

  1. Thank you guys so much for talking about Joy Division. I really enjoy your podcast. It’s great to hear what you guys think of some of my favorite bands and it’s great to learn more about scene bands that I never quite knew, understood, or listened to. I didn’t know that one of the reason’s Peter Hook played so high on his bass was because of bad equipment. Cool fact.

    The only thing I wanted to add was on the question of favorite Joy Division album is that I prefer Unknown Pleasures largely because Closer is almost too painful to listen to for me. It’s a tremendous album, but it’s almost like looking directly into the sun. Still, I try to listen to both every May 18. The only thing that can make me feel better after listening to both albums is to listen to New Order’s “Ceremony.” It’s amazing how much those first notes on Peter Hook’s bass do to heal the heartbreak of Closer. I can’t believe that the link (it was a Joy Division song after all) between the two bands would be so healing. It’s uncanny.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast. Another not-quite-goth band, but I’d love to hear an episode on Depeche Mode!


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