GothCast Episode 42: Christian Death – Part 3 – Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams

This week we take a look at the work Rozz had released using the name “Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams” after his departure from Christian Death. This does not include Shadow Project as we will be covering that in a separate episode. However, this material is not often discussed, and we felt it would be a great third installment into our Christian Death series. We hope you enjoy this episode and all of our other content. As always, stay spooky!


2 thoughts on “GothCast Episode 42: Christian Death – Part 3 – Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams”

  1. Thanks for doing this one. The Path of Sorrows was my introduction to Rozz/Christian Death and remains my favorite album of his/them. I’m looking forward to your Shadow Project episode. Is there any chance you could also do an episode on Rozz’s more experiential side (specifically his work in Premature Ejaculation, Heltir, and his spoken word material)? I get the impression that this may not be your thing, which is fair enough, and may also stray too much outside the parameters of “goth,” but it was an essential component of Rozz’s artistic output.


    1. We might take a look at some of his more experimental stuff if we have a lot to say about it. Rozz had a lot of different sides to him and I’m sure there would be some interest in it, but we probably wouldn’t cover it for some time. Some of it might even be better to cover in a shorter video instead of a full podcast. Thank you so much for listening! – Dr.Sanders

      P.S. Sorry for the slightly delayed response


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