Robbie Gore’s Depature

Dear Friends and Fans,

Over a year ago, Donny and I started something that we never imagined would be as popular as it has become- a goth talk podcast focused on music. In fact, from what we could gather, we were perhaps the only one. There were many late nights of scouring the internet for information, recording for hours, and shamelessly promoting the show of which we were so proud. Today, GothCast has become so much more than a podcast. It’s a grown a community- and one which has been very kind to both us us. For this, I will always be greatful.

Unfortunately, although our production has grown substantially, I have found myself in a place of wander and wonder. My mind is not focused on the podcast which I have loved so much and I am unable to meet my duty owed to such a supportive community. Some of this dissonance has been created by an ongoing struggle with mental health, some by a change in my econic position, and some has been created by a difference in vision and expectation between myself and “The Doctor.” For these reasons, I am very sorry to announce my departure from GothCast.

I apologize to anyone who feels as though I am letting them or the show down. However, I need this time to myself and it would be an injustice to produce content in my current state of distraction. Moreover, I feel safe leaving the show in good hands. Donny has always been an excellent content producer. I am sure he will be able to continue to create fantastic content. Whether or not I will return to producing content for the gothic community, or for GothCast specifically, cannot be answered as I can only say that I need to step away right now. Thank you to all of you for your kindness and excitement. GothCast is a project of which I have been very proud to call myself a co-host and producer. Farewell for now, my spooky friends.

With Sincerity,
Robbie Gore

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